In the fast-paced world of data centres, the demand for more capacity is relentless. As the need for high-quality connections and maximum uptime continues to surge, we find ourselves faced with a conundrum: How can we accommodate more fibre without breaking the bank or sacrificing valuable floor space? Dartcom has the answer: Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) Connectors.

Dartcom and Huber+Suhner are taking the next step in high-density environments with Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) connectivity. This innovation allows you to patch three duplex connectors in the same footprint space, significantly increasing capacity while keeping costs in check.   A high-functioning data centre must be easy to manage and quick to change. VSFF  connectors address this need.

The need for space-efficient solutions is more critical than ever. VSFF connectivity offers modular high-density fibre and connections, small-diameter cables, and space-efficient chassis to optimise your data centre’s footprint.

Say goodbye to escalating costs. VSFF connectivity enables you to do more with your existing capacity, ensuring you get the most out of your investments.

The future demands adaptability. VSFF connectivity positions you to meet emerging technologies head-on by increasing fibre density and connections.

Quality Assurance:
Dartcom trusts Multi-Fibre Push On (MPO) connectors, proving their immaculate quality across numerous projects in South Africa and beyond.

As fibre demand surges, VSFF connectivity will become increasingly vital. With Dartcom and Huber+Suhner at the forefront of next-generation fibre connectivity, you can expect an explosion in this market soon.
Don’t let your data centre fall behind. Embrace the future with VSFF connectivity from Dartcom and Huber+Suhner. Get in touch with us today to revolutionise your data centre’s capabilities.