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Corne Geere

Fibre Network Indoor – Outdoor Solutions

Dartcom distributes a complete range of indoor and outdoor plant products and solutions, including fibre optic cables, ducts, manholes, boundary boxes, poles and associated hardware for underground and aerial solutions.

Ducts & Sleeves

Dartcom distributes superior-quality conduits backed by innovative designs to make installation more efficient, boosting productivity. The portfolio covers a wide variety of configurations ranging from 3mm to 160mm in single and multiple bundles.

Fibre Optic Cables

We provide various fibre cable solutions to suit every application seamlessly while maintaining high levels of optical performance. Applications range from self-supporting aerial cables, lightweight blowing cables and robust underground cables.

Fibre Optic Closures

Our range of unique splice closures complements our cable solutions in underground applications and aerial networks. We also supply wall mounted distribution closures and termination points for indoor and outdoor applications.


Dartcom is the distributor of a large variety of manhole and handhole solutions for the telecommunications industry, combining conventional materials such as concrete and stainless steel, with new innovative materials such as fibre cement, polymer concrete and sheet moulded compounds.

Smart Poles

We provide leading-edge, all-in-one digital-ready smart towers to maintain infrastructure.


We offer specially designed cabinetry to house fibre in your datacentre or data-centred business areas and boundary boxes.


We offer containers that range from conventional infrastructure housing and high security containers through to bunkers for high security infrastructure protection.